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Matt Nolan, Michael Paiste, Myself ....................................... Me again and Roberto!

I’m doing my best to let osmosis tap into such a wealth of talent and inspiration :)

From the “Best Gear of 2017’ in February 2018 issue of DRUM! Magazine ........

A bunch of Rustico’s ready to be lathed.

Orchestral cymbals - 15” Pair, 17” Pair and 16” & 18” Suspended.

One of the things I love about cymbalsmithing is the community of smiths and how they’re often there to support each other or the general community.

Nicholas Margarite from NickyMoon Custom Cymbals has organised the making of a cymbal from 3 smiths in 3 countries (Nicholas Margarite, USA; Dave Collingwood, UK & myself, AUSTRALIA). All the proceeds are going to MusiCares Covid19 relief fund, which provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.

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