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Oct 2015  -

As most of you are aware, I prioritise custom orders and am just too busy with those to do modifications right now ... I’ll post here as soon as I’ve caught up and have time again to do mods.

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  1. *UPDATED 28th APRIL 2017 !!!!!!!!!  Only a couple left ......

  1. *If your’e on the waiting list and see something here that you like or that fits your request, let me know asap and I’ll reserve it for you.

22” = $700 AUD

20” = $600 AUD

22 HSB Ride, 2283g - - Sale Pending

20 Kontroversial Ride, 2153g -

20 HSB ET Ride, 1770g -

20 Rustico ET Ride, 1953g - - Sale Pending

9th May 2016 - My  New CD -

We now have some free streaming of 5 of the tracks from my album on bandcamp!!

If you’d like to check it out (please do), you can do that here -

I’d love to know what you think!

All the best,


April 18 2016 -

I've had a number of serious issues with my computer, (multiple graphics card and hard drive failures, and then issues with an El Capitan update) which has resulted in me being without my computer for around 11 weeks.

After a fairly drawn out dispute process, Apple have generously issued me with an amazingly powerful new computer.

Unfortunately, along the way, I've lost data and emails due to the multiple number of fatal crashes that have occurred over an extended period.

My last few back ups were also corrupted because of the computer issues.

So please send me reminder emails if you feel you’ve been overlooked.

I am a technological luddite at the best of times and should be treated as such.

My current phone runs on steam and the functionality of my new computer will no doubt test me in the coming weeks. I hope to rise to the occasion and cure my tech phobia.

I aplogise for any inconvenience.


Sept 2016 - CURRENT TURNAROUND TIME = 12 months approximately (the time may vary depending on the number of cymbals in the order etc.)

Oct 15, 2016 -

I love making cymbals and I spend a lot of time getting things as close to a clients request as possible. I’ll often make 2 or 3 cymbals before I’m satisfied I’ve gotten close enough to the original design goal.

This takes a lot of time and in my search to balance quality, affordability and wait time, it seems that wait time is the victim.

I keep doing mods as favours but I simply cannot continue to do this.

So, until further notice I will not be doing modifications, splash cymbals, stacks, pangs (with horizontal flanges), or orders of more than 3 cymbals at a time.

It was either setting these limitations or raising prices considerably and I prefer the former option.

Thank you for the continued support I receive from all over the world!

All the best, Craig

Oct 4, 2016 -

Adelaide has been battered by 3 major storms in around 6 weeks.

The worst was a cyclone category storm with a number of tornadoes occurring as well.

The entire state was without power when multiple transmission towers were destroyed.

Each storm has yielded unprecedented amounts of rain which has caused widespread flooding.

My workshop has been flooded 3 times and has resulted in dozens of hours of work to get it back to a workable order.

Obviously, when it is full of water it is unworkable for a number of days.

I apologise for increasing delays in communication and in filling orders.

Matt Nolan, Michael Paiste, Myself ....................................... Me again and Roberto!

I’m doing my best to let osmosis tap into such a wealth of talent and inspiration :)

Thank you for all the support and positive feedback I’ve received in 2016!

All the best for the New Year!

Wishing everyone peace, prosperity and good health for 2017!