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Matt Nolan, Michael Paiste, Myself ....................................... Me again and Roberto!

I’m doing my best to let osmosis tap into such a wealth of talent and inspiration :)

From the “Best Gear of 2017’ in February 2018 issue of DRUM! Magazine ........

A bunch of Rustico’s ready to be lathed.

Orchestral cymbals - 15” Pair, 17” Pair and 16” & 18” Suspended.

A comparison between an old k and one of my OSC’s.

Give it 25 years and a whole lot of patina :)  .............

Immediately available cymbals for sale - Updated 23 Nov 2021 - In time for Christmas!

-22 Half Turk Ride, 2225g - Sold

-22 Turk Ride, 2009g - - Sold

-21 HSB Mellow Ride, 2141g - - Sold

-20 SB Sledged OSC Ride, 1932g - - Sold

-15 OSC & HSB Hats, 1106g & 913g - - Sale Pending

-14 Rustico/OSC Hats Combo, 1020g &862g - - Sold

I’m committed to an environmentally sustainable industry and future and since 2018 have carbon offset my business through the mass planting of trees through ‘Carbon Positive Australia’.

Prior to that, I paid for 500 square metres of forest in the Daintree to be preserved in perpetuity as natural habitat. 

I reuse and recycle as much as I can and all lathe chaff and damaged bronze ends up being recycled.