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  1. *If your’e on the waiting list and see something here that you like or that fits your request, let me know asap and I’ll reserve it for you.

22” = $750 AUD

21” = $700 AUD

20” = $650 AUD

21 HSB Ride, 2048g - - SOLD

21 HSB OH Ride, 2242g - - SOLD

22 Rustico ET OH NP (top only) Ride, 2304g - - SOLD

22 Rustico ET Ride, 2257g - - SOLD

22 Rustico ET Patina Top Ride, 2280g - - SOLD

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We now have some free streaming of 5 of the tracks from my album on bandcamp!!

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Matt Nolan, Michael Paiste, Myself ....................................... Me again and Roberto!

I’m doing my best to let osmosis tap into such a wealth of talent and inspiration :)

From the “Best Gear of 2017’ in February 2018 issue of DRUM! Magazine ........

A bunch of Rustico’s ready to be lathed.

Orchestral cymbals - 15” Pair, 17” Pair and 16” & 18” Suspended.