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22” = $700 AUD

21” = $650 AUD

20” = $600 AUD

21 HSB Ride, 2048g - - SOLD

21 HSB OH Ride, 2242g - - SOLD

22 Rustico ET OH NP (top only) Ride, 2304g - - SOLD

22 Rustico ET Ride, 2257g - - SOLD

22 Rustico ET Patina Top Ride, 2280g - - SOLD

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DEC 2017 - CURRENT TURNAROUND TIME = 12 months approximately (the time may vary depending on the number of cymbals in the order etc.)

Matt Nolan, Michael Paiste, Myself ....................................... Me again and Roberto!

I’m doing my best to let osmosis tap into such a wealth of talent and inspiration :)

The Year that was 2019 –

The happy side – I’m living in a beautiful new house on a hilly block with a creek at the bottom. My cymbalsmithing is feeling more focused, natural and intuitive and is more rewarding than ever.

The challenges - I’ve had a number of physical setbacks this year .. severe IBS, a hernia, 2 bulging disc flare ups and now a badly sprained ankle. It’s been a constant state of acute injury or recuperation.

Despite the challenges, I’m feeling extremely positive about 2020 and know that some of my best work to date will be made in the coming year.

Thanks to everyone for their support and patience!

Wishing you and your loved ones a 2020 full of connection to family and friends and a year of purpose and fulfillment.


From the “Best Gear of 2017’ in February 2018 issue of DRUM! Magazine ........

The photo above is of my new Turkish Hammer.

The hammer weighs 1.21 Kilos with an 8” handle.

I remember Roberto saying to me that I needed to get a turkish hammer and anvil and it’s taken some time to procure them.

The shape, design and weight of the hammer helps to create a bit more deformation in the bronze which creates a bit more trash in the final sound.

I’ve never been a fan of trash beyond a certain point and this hammer seems to give some ‘dragons breath’ without going to the dark side of trash (overly reduced dynamic potential, loss of stick clarity and a large reduction of sweeter complexity and overall spread).

I’ve been so impressed with the sonic characteristics (SC’s) created by the Turkish hammer, that I’ll be using the acronym ‘TH’ on cymbals where I feel those SC’s are prevalent.

A bunch of Rustico’s ready to be lathed.

Orchestral cymbals - 15” Pair, 17” Pair and 16” & 18” Suspended.


I’m starting to source blanks from SABIAN.

I’ll still be using my regular Turkish foundry as well.

All cymbals made from Sabian blanks will have ‘SB’ in the title.

What’s the difference?

The SABIAN alloy is wonderfully consistent and it’s always the same diameter and is free from caliper marks.

It’s a joy to work with and it has a greater ability to take on changes from hammering and lathing.

In terms of sound, it’s a little cleaner than the Turkish alloy and it falls closer to the older A style in the ‘A to K’ sonic scale.

The ‘SB’ cymbals work beautifully in the music and have a slightly clearer and longer projection in the rooms that I’ve used them in.

My main ride for Jazz is now a 21” SB Half Turk ... and I’m loving it!